Wakaf Al-Quran 2021

  • 2000

Wakaf Al-Quran 2021 programme to help any institutions, madrasahs, tahfiz, schools around the world who are in need of the mushafs.

With your kind contribution of only SGD$20 per mushaf, you can help global Muslim societies learn and read Qur’an.

To donate, simply choose “Add to Cart”, choose the quantity of mushafs you would like to donate. You do not need to put shipping details. For the deliveries, the costs will be absorbed by as part of our charity work inshaAllah. Choose “Wakaf Quran Only” for shipping method.

For any institution that are in need of Al-Quran, you may apply here - Wakaf Al-Quran 2020 Application Form

The shipping will be process once we have received the wakaf donations and the quantity received, tallies with the quantities requested.

May Allah bless every contribution that you have given for the ummah. Amiin ya rabbal alamiin.

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